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Is the song, "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion good for a wedding or a funeral?

She uses a lot of past tense in the song, it makes it sound like a funeral-type song...but on wedding song websites it's listed everywhere. What gives?

Is the song, "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion good for a wedding or a funeral?
It could theoretically be used for matter what it'll be cheesy.

The song is about how this guys love changed her for the better, that's why there is so much past tense.
Reply:I like that song, but some of the older people will remember it from the movie" Up Close %26amp; Personal "

It was played at the end of the movie, when Michele Pfeiffer saw Robert Redfords boots laying on the ground, and she knew he was dead.

To this day when I hear that song., that's what it reminds me of, and that movie is probably more than 10 years old.
Reply:Celine Dion, really?
Reply:Well, regardless of the lyrics, it's still Celine Dion and that's. just. wrong.
Reply:It could go either way, but it's a really sappy one. Kind of a downer for a wedding, if you ask me. And too romantic for a funeral, in an odd way. Hmm.
Reply:I think that it could go for either. It's also going to really depend on the person you're playing it for, though. I think it's important to take that into account.
Reply:I'm using Christina Agulira " I turn to you"

yes you can borrow it

But because of the past tense, it should not be used for weddings. I've seen people use it at graduations a lot.

Good luck.
Reply:I used it as a father-daughter dance at my wedding. There were a lot of lines in that song that could be used for a father loving his daughter.
Reply:I think it's great for both. My mom says when she remarries, she wants that to be her father/daughter song.
Reply:Whatever floats yer boat -- but I know that my wife is playing it at someone's wedding this summer. Hmmmmm . . .
Reply:dont like the song

What do you think of "The Old Rugged Cross" as a song to play during our wedding ceremony?

My fiance is insisting on it....but I just don't think it's a good wedding song. Don't get me wrong, I like the song. Just not for a wedding......what do you think?

What do you think of "The Old Rugged Cross" as a song to play during our wedding ceremony?
Is that his favorite Hymn? Put it in if it is, you dont have to have the words sung, you can just have the music played, but if its his favorite I think you should put it in. You can have them play it while people are being seated. People get weird about their favorite Hymns, they like to have them at certain times to give them a comforting feeling. Mine is "How Great Thou Art" and when I am upset or nervous or excited I sing it to myself to calm down. Its one thing and its only a song, I would let him have this one request.
Reply:Don't they play that at funerals? If this is a must maybe you can get him to agree to just an instramental?


Here is a song called the Wedding Song.
Reply:I know the song, its a good song i agree. But its very depressing as its talking about the death of the christian savior. Its good that hes thinking about that, but you might want to point out its depressing side. Where as a wedding is supposed to be happy and joyous.

Try to convince him that the music should be agreed on for a happier time, than persay you went with the system of "i pick one, then you pick one" because then your not working together from the start and could possibly cause problems in the long run.
Reply:I agree with you, it is not meant to be a wedding song.

It is the bride who usually decides on these things so if you don't like the song, you should voice your opinion and suggest a few of your favourites.

Here are some of my favourites:

I'll love you forever and ever Amen. Randy Travis

I will always love you, Dolly Parton also Whitney Houston did it.

Power of Love Celine Dione

Well you are right when you say it is a nice song "The Old Rugged Cross" but really not wedding day material.

Congratulations on your engagement and God bless your union. Peace
Reply:More appropriate for a funeral - perhaps he is joking?
Reply:I have to agree with you that this is NOT a wedding song. But it is also your fiance's wedding, too.

If he won't agree to having it played during the prelude, why doesn't he, the officiant %26amp; groomsmen process in to it? That way he gets his song, you don't have to hear it %26amp; if any question is raised why you chose that song, you can refer people to him. :)
Reply:I guess you are his rugged cross to bear
Reply:Well why not it is a funeral song!!!! It was also my mothers favorite sone. We sang it at her funeral. I always want to cry when I hear the song.

Nintendo Wii

Does anyone know this wedding song?

I'm really not sure if it's a "wedding song" but it is like a symphony or instrumental they played it on a wedding commercial that's why i relate it to that. and they played it in the movie "Dude, where's my car?" HELP !!!

Does anyone know this wedding song?
Not cannon, but canon. The song is "Canon in D" by Johann Pachelbel. It's a fantastic piece of music and is a common choice for wedding marches.
Reply:i thinks it canon in D
Reply:I didn't see the advertisement...but try "Cannon in D"
Reply:is it pachelbel's canon, or the bridal march 'lohengrin' ?

Is somewhere over the rainbow a good wedding song to walk down the aisle???

Its by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's...its hawaiian music..its got the same lyrics as the one in wizard of oz but a different tune! Im getting married outside underneath a big pretty willow tree and I was wondering if that song would be a good song to go down the aisle with! I dont like the traditional wedding march song..Im looking for something different...please help!

Is somewhere over the rainbow a good wedding song to walk down the aisle???
That song is very beautiful and it would be perfect for your wedding entrance. If you do want some more options though, try or even since it is an outside wedding.
Reply:My now sister-in-law walked down the aisle to a version of that song. (I honestly don't know who sang it - it sounded kind of reggae to me.) No one thought it was at all inappropriate. It's only 1 small part of your wedding, so if it makes you happy, then go for it - especially with the non-traditional wedding location you described.
Reply:Lately it seems to be really popular. I'm not sure the Wizard of Oz association is as strong as another answerer suggested.

I personally wouldn't, because it's so popular, probably because of that one Drew Barrymore film. But otherwise I think it's a perfectly fine song.

good luck.
Reply:That version of the song is AMAZING! It is one of the most truly beautiful songs I've ever heard. It is a blend of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "It's a Wonderful World".

And still, I wouldn't use it to come into the church. It would be a better first dance song.
Reply:It's your wedding. If that's your choice then go with it. However, there are sooo many songs to chose from. I personally don't see that as a very romantic song. I think your guests would be thinking about the movie, the characters, the storyline,etc..... instead of the wedding.
Reply:This is my all time favourite song, and I would totally cry if someone had this as they walk down the aisle!!

It suits your wedding perfectly, since its an outdoor event ,and the song is cherry and hopeful and 100% dreamy.
Reply:Find something more appropriate. That is a song that will have people laughing because they will be thinking of the fantasy of the movie and making jokes about munchkins popping out from everywhere. Or monkeys flying overhead. Just not a good one. Sorry!
Reply:I think that would be a fantastic song. The tune makes all the difference. I love Iz! If you don't know this version, listen first before you answer.
Reply:I think that's a beautiful song! I love that version. It was used in Finding Forester...the oldish movie. I'd use it to go out on though (the recessional) Its a beautiful way to end.
Reply:I really depends how it sounds....if its more like the original version it might be a little cheesy. You might want to find a song that is less traditional but not so known
Reply:I love that song!!!!! I think it would be lovely for you to walk down the aisle to!

I'm actually using that song for my father/daughter dance!
Reply:Girl, it's your day. Don't worry about what other people think. If that's what you want, go for it. I really like it by the way.
Reply:AHHH I love that song....I would like it played at my wedding.....maybe at the reception for me

go for it
Reply:Sure - it's a classic song and god for outside! For other ideas, look here -
Reply:I LOVE that version! you should do it! it would be so amazing.... its a wonderful song....
Reply:i guess i'm the odd man out. i'd pick something else.
Reply:Wow, Love it!
Reply:that is sooo adorable!!! i found a wizard of oz garter online if your interested in the sight? you can e mail me.

What is the best song to sing on a wedding?

A close friend of mine will be getting married soon, my problem is that, I can't select the best song to sing for her wedding so, please help me..

What is the best song to sing on a wedding?
this one
Reply:I can suggest one not to sing or play at a wedding, which would be "White Wedding" which I hear alot at weddings, it is about drug addiction, not a real wedding. Make sure whatever you choose, what it is really about....some songs are tricky! I would ask them if they have a favourite song, alot of couples do.............or what kind of song they would,rock etc and type......romantic, fun, modern or old fashioned etc. That would help somewhat. I think it is really sort of a personal thing and really should be chosen by the couple. My wedding song was "love is all around" by Wet Wet Wet, which was from a movie we saw together when we first met.............most weddings I've been to they said the couple chose the song!
Reply:you could always hire Jade Bedford. She's an upcoming artist and her songs are all really good. If you can't hire her you could always sing one of her songs, forever, eternal or magic.
Reply:ask what their song is. then see if you sing it. or Swear It Again by Westlife. i danced to this at my wedding.
Reply:This is The song I think...


awesome slow song
Reply:depends on her vocal ability. but dangerously in love, by beonce is a good one. so is On This Day, and I Do.
Reply:Dont wanna miss a thing, by Aerosmith
Reply:I hope you dance by Leann Womack
Reply:when you say nothing at all by allison krauss -if they like country.
Reply:My brother in law sang, "I do" (98 degrees). It made everyone cry like babies. It was beautiful.

What is the Best Wedding Song?

What is the best wedding song?

And if there are different versions,

which one is the best?

What is the Best Wedding Song?
The song that means the most to the couple that are getting married. A wedding song should signify your bond between each other, and touch your hearts as wind touches your skin. It's all about the feeling, as the souls become one.
Reply:be without you-mary j blige

whe you're mad-neyo

let me love you-mario

we belong together-mariah carey

don't forget about us-mariah carey

over %26amp; over again-tim mcgraw %26amp; nelly

dilemma-nelly and kelly

so what-ciara %26amp; field mob

grown %26amp; sexy-chamillionaire

i'll make love to you-boys 2 men Report Abuse

Reply:i say dilemma Report Abuse

Reply:At Last-Etta James, without a doubt.

Also try to find a romantic song from groups you both like.

I love Josh Groban's You lift me up and Bette Midler's Rose.
Reply:Have you ever been in love- Celine Dion


My heart will go on- Celine Dion
Reply:At Last - Etta James
Reply:Hmmmmmmmmm Well I gotta Say

Colors of The Wind =by Vanessa Willams

or Beauty and The Beasts by Celine Dion
Reply:imagine me and u
Reply:I like from this moment with shania twain.

also, canon in d
Reply:I will Always Love you by Whitney Houston You Say that you Love Me
Reply:shania twain-forever and always

shania-from this moment

shania-youre still the one

sara evans-i could not ask for more

keith urban-making memories

rascal flatts-bless the broken road

shawn colvin-when you know

celine dion-have you ever been in love
Reply:Unforgettable by Nat King Cole to dance too. It's very classy.
Reply:Rest of our lives by Jagged Edge...It a real heart grabber
Reply:the hawaiian wedding song

elvis did do an english version in blue hawaii
Reply:"Another one bites the dust" by Queen
Reply:Tim McGraw and Faith Hill-It's Your Love
Reply:its a older song. its called looking through the eyes of love!!!
Reply:"What a Wonderful World," by Louie Armstrong.
Reply:The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face..--Roberta Flack
Reply:"That's What I Had In Mind" (when I said I do) - by Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black
Reply:shinaya twain from this moment on


How should a songwriter market a funny wedding song about the dad spending so much money?

The song "Yes Honey Wedding Blues" is GREAT to give to fathers of brides where the dad's role is just to keep quite and give out money! You can hear a 2 minute song clip at How should I market this?

How should a songwriter market a funny wedding song about the dad spending so much money?
Make a video or Flash animation. You can post it on you tube and get great buzz! Or just post it on your own site, and make money off ads.
Reply: Report Abuse

Reply:Sounds like it would make a great jingle to advertise something wedding-related. Could you perhaps get some advertising agency interested in part of it? It would certainly get peoples attention that way.